IREGA, 70 years of active presence on the International Markets

 55 years since we specialized in the production of high quality adjustable wrenches. Let's celebrate it together!

Our company was founded in June 1945, dedicated to the production of several hand tools. We took a key and strategic decision in 1960 to specialize in the production of adjustable wrenches. It has become our identity hallmark and thanks to which we are known in more than 80 countries all over the world.
Thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process (from forging to fully finished product) carried out in our factory in Zaldibar, near Bilbao in the north of Spain, we can guarantee a total control of our production as well as the highest quality of our adjustable wrenches.
All this development has been possible thanks to the support and loyalty of our customers along all these years. Thanks a lot to all of you. 
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