IREGA introduces the New 92WR-99WR adjustable wrenches with Reversible Jaw and Xtra Capacity


The new IREGA 92WR/99WR adjustable wrenches provide a Reversible Jaw, with a saw-tooth side. It allows to work on pipes and any other object with cylindrical shape, as well as untighten rounded / damaged nut or bolts. 
The IREGA 92WR/99WR wrenches feature as well Xtra Capacity, so that you can work with bigger sized nuts or pipes with the same adjustable wrench. 
Likewise, the IREGA 92WR/99WR wrenches have a Double Measurement Scale, mm on front face and inches on rear one, allowing to take size of pipes and nuts on any of both measuring units. 
IREGA 92WR - Perspectiva normal lado tubo 20mm


IREGA 92WR - Perspectiva normal lado tubo 20mm
IREGA 99WR - Comparacion apertura
IREGA 99WR Aplicacion2