New Compact Merchandiser for IREGA 92-99WR adjustable wrenches with Reversible Jaw

 New Compact Merchandiser for IREGA 92/99WR adjustable wrenches with Reversible Jaw

We have developed at IREGA a New and Compact Merchandiser that provides an open and easy display of a 12 piece assortment of our new models 92/99WR with Reversible Jaw, facilitating and pushing sales at our customer’s counter.

A detailed and special design and construction allows transport of wrenches on display position, simplifying to maximum the logistics and handling.


The 12 piece assortment (2 pieces each 6” & 12”, plus 4 pieces each 8” & 10”) has been also specially thought to provide an optimum stock rotation.



4.- 99WR_Display_Shadow - baja resolución